Don’t Let Your Chimney Go Up in Smoke!

Don’t Let Your Chimney Go Up in Smoke!

Clean your chimney to prevent a fire emergency

Lighting a fire in your home is intended to be a warm and cozy experience. It’s a great opportunity to escape from a cold day, to roast marshmallows on a frosty evening or to spend time just relaxing and allowing yourself to be mesmerized by the flickering flames. What you may not be able to see, however, is a buildup of creosote from all that burning wood. This substance lines the walls of your chimney, and if it accumulates, it can prevent carbon monoxide from flowing out of your home; it could even start a fire.

Parchment Chimney can help you prevent chimney fires and reduce carbon monoxide accumulation in your home by regularly sweeping your chimney. We use a vacuum to collect the soot, creosote and other debris from your chimney. In addition to sweeping, we can provide chimney inspection services to make sure your chimney meets the required annual inspection standards.

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Factors that can accelerate the buildup of creosote in your chimney:

  • Restriction of air supply from a narrowly-opened damper or closed fireplace doors
  • Decrease in normal chimney temperatures
  • Burning of wet or unseasoned wood

Choose Parchment Chimney today to sweep the gunk out of your chimney!

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