Make Sure Your Chimney is Structurally Sound

Make Sure Your Chimney is Structurally Sound

Address your chimney problems to prevent a potential disaster

Your chimney may be solidly constructed of brick and mortar but it could still have some weaknesses here and there. A crack in your chimney flue can allow a fire to spread to other parts of your home. A damaged chimney crown can introduce moisture into your home, damaging the rest of your chimney and much of your home.

If you are concerned about the state of your chimney, Parchment Chimney has the services you need to solve your problems. We can maintain brickwork, repair and rebuild your chimney or construct an entirely new one. We can also complete insurance work after chimney fires.

Call 269-552-4131 now to learn more about our chimney repair and maintenance services!

Common chimney problems

  • Your chimney is blocked by nesting material, leaves or deteriorated chimney material
  • Your chimney flue is cracked
  • Your chimney’s mortar needs to be replaced
  • Your chimney’s cap or crown is damaged

Choose Parchment Chimney to make sure your chimney is structurally sound.

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