Keep Your Fire in Its Place

Keep Your Fire in Its Place

Maintain your fireplace and chimney with quality accessories

Chimney fires can pose a risk in your home, but there are many factors you can control to prevent your chimney from becoming blocked or damaged. Parchment Chimney offers a wide selection of accessories for your chimney and fireplace that are designed to make the experience of enjoying a fire even safer. Install a fireplace door to prevent sparks from popping onto your carpet or furniture. Add a rain cap to prevent water from infiltrating your chimney and causing damage.

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Choose from our selection of chimney accessories

Maintain your chimney and control that fires with quality add-ons. Our selection includes:

  • Rain caps to block rain from your chimney
  • Dampers to control airflow
  • Fireplace screens to help contain your fire

Choose Parchment Chimney for a wide selection of chimney and fireplace accessories.

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